Tip of the Week – 29 May 2013

Tip of the Week: Out of CWDM Channels? Have you run out of channels in your CWDM Link? Here are a few ways to increase its capacity:
  • Replace your CWDM unit with a higher channel count unit. They are available up to 18 channels. But this requires some downtime of your existing customer circuits during replacement.
  • Use DWDM over CWDM Mux to increase capacity on CWDM channels 1530 and 1550nm by as much as 16 channels.
  • Use 10G to 100G Muxponder to increase capacity on CWDM channels 1520, 1550 and 1570nm by as much as thrity 10G channels.
Pertinent Products/Services: New Price Reduction, as much as 40%, on our DWDM SFP+ and XFP, 40 and 80km, and many other pluggables! Also, New 10 times 10G to 100G DWDM Muxponder now available.