Tip of the Week – 17 Feb 2011

Tip of the Week: Here are a few tips about equipment spares.
  1. Typically, one spare is provided for each type of component that can fail. For example you probably would not spare a passive shelf or rack.
  2. Typical quantity of spares for each component type is 10% with a minimum of 1.
  3. An exception to #2 is for high quality passive components (components that do not require electrical power to operate), such as passive WDM multiplexers.  These typically have a long mean time between failures (MTBF).  Many companies choose not to spare these units or only provide only one spare for their entire network.
  4. Another exception to #2 is for components that draw a large amount of power or have short MTBF, such as power supplies and fans.  They are often spared one for one, 1:1.
  5. For DWDM systems, providing a DWDM transceiver spare for each DWDM channel can be expensive.  A tunable channel DWDM transceiver or transponder may help reduce this cost.
  6. Keep in mind the maximum time for the supplier to repair and return any failed components.  Even though you have one spare for failed component, if the repair and replacement time is long, say 3 months, the risk of not having another spare for that component over the 3 month period may be unacceptable.  Additional spares may be required for long replacement time components.  It may be possible to negotiate the supplier to guarantee a short replacement time for your components.
  7. Store spares in a secure strategic location where they can be quickly deployed to all parts of your network.  For large networks, numerous storage locations may be necessary.
  8. Fully test all spares when they are received, to be sure they actually work.  Don’t assume the supplier or manufacturer will do it.
  9. Find out how long the manufacturer will support the product or component.  Typical period for new products is 10 years or greater.  Spare count may need to be adjusted.
  10. If the supplier or manufacturer has a 24×7 overnight replace & return program for failed components,  it may help reduce your spare count.
  11. Determine the warranty period for all components.  Typical (but not always) industry period is 1 year, but many manufacturers offer 3 and 5 year warranties.
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