Tip of the Week – 14 May 2013

Tip of the Week: Mice Munch on Fiber Mice seem to like the taste of fiber optic cable (among other things). I have come across a number of situations where mice have disrupted fiber traffic by chewing on the cable. Most common is where mice create nests in fiber distribution panels and splice boxes in CO’s and remote huts. Often unused cable holes in these panels are never plugged. A mouse can easily chew through a fiber jumper in a panel, and enjoy it! Be sure to plug all holes the size of a nickle (5 cent piece) and larger in these units. Also use steel armored cable for outside plant deployments and also inside plant if there is a danger of rodent damage. For inside steel armor cable check to ensure it meets fire codes and both ends of the armor cable are grounded. Pertinent Products/Services: Need optical amplifiers to extend your fiber link network. Give us a call, we have a variety of fiber optic amplifiers for DWDM, CWDM, 1310nm, single channel, CATV, RF, CATV QAM, electric utility and other applications. We also carry a wide range of optical transceivers (SFP, XFP, etc.) with optical budgets up to 37dB. More details here: https://telecomengineering.com/product_type/optical-amplifiers/