Tip of the Week – 11 Mar 2013

Tip of the Week: Here is a quick refresher and reference guide for ITU-T G.709 OTN nomenclature
OUT ODU Rate Signal Rate OUT Payload Rate ODU Client Payload
  0 1.25G NA 1.23Gbps 1GigE LAN
OTU1 1 2.5G 2.666Gbps 2.488Gbps OC-48/STM-16
OTU1e 1e 10G 11.049Gbps 10.312Gbps 10GigE LAN
OTU1f 1f 10G 11.270Gbps 10.518Gbps 10G Fibre Channel
OTU2 2 10G 10.709Gbps 9.953Gbps OC-192/STM-64
OTU2e 2e 10G 11.095Gbps 10.312Gbps 10GigE LAN
OTU2f 2f 10G 11.317Gbps 10.518Gbps 10G Fibre Channel
OTU3 3 40G 43.018Gbps 39.813Gbps OC-768/STM-256
OTU3e1 3.00E+01 40G 44.570Gbps 4×10.312Gbps 4xODU2e
OTU3e2 3.00E+02 40G 44.583Gbps 16×2.488Gbps 4xODU2e
OTU4 4 100G 111.809Gbps 104.794Gbps 100GigE
OTL(OTU).n where n is the number of lanes that are used to multiplex up to the OTU level Example OTL4.4 100GE system with 4 lanes or wavelengths (assuming 2 fibers) at 24.883Gbps Example OTL4.10 100GE system with 10 lanes or wavelengths (assuming 2 fibers) at 9.953Gbps ODU – Optical Data Unit OTN – Optical transport Node OTL – Optical Chanel Transport Lane Also Note, our new website now has a Tips of the Week blog where I will be posting all tips and you can comment on them there or simply email me your comments or questions. Older Tips will be posted eventually, when I get time. Pertinent Products/Services: Looking for the right optical transceivers for your network? Gives me a call, we carry a variety of 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps transceivers including:
  • 1310/1550, DWDM, CWDM
  • XFP, SFP, SFP+, GBIC, CFP, Zenpak, QSFP+, CFP, 100G Coherent DP-QPSK
  • Channel tunable DWDM
  • OTN FEC G.709 transceivers
  • Long reach 10G transceivers with budgets of 28dB
  • Tunable 3R transponders
  • Compatible with most manufacturers equipment guaranteed.