Tip of the Week – 10 May 2013

Tip Of The Week: Fiber Optic Cable Dig-Ups – Causes and Cures MCI released an interesting report about fiber optic cable failure causes and remedies, called “Fiber Optic Cable Dig-Ups – Causes and Cures” by Dan Crawford. It may be an interesting read for all who operate and maintain a fiber optic network. If you are interested in reading it email me at bchomycz@telecomengineering.com and I will be happy to forward you the PDF document. Pertinent Products/Services: Do you need fiber optic amplifiers to boost your signals through your fiber network? Give us a call, we have a variety of fiber optic amplifiers for DWDM, CWDM, 1310nm, single channel, CATV, RF, CATV QAM, electric utility and other applications. We also carry a wide range of optical transceivers (SFP, XFP, etc.) with optical budgets up to 37dB. More details here: https://telecomengineering.com/product_type/optical-amplifiers/