Tip of the Week – 10 July 2013

Tip of the Week – Are you offering GigE Internet? Are you offering or planning to offer 1GigE Internet to your customers? You may be surprised to hear that many consumer’s computers cannot achieve these data rates even with GigE NIC cards installed. A GigE connection theoretically should provide 125 MB/s data transfer rate under ideal conditions. But customer’s computer limiting factors include:
  • Hard disk read/write speed which varies greatly but typically 12 to 60 MB/s (96 to 480 mbps) for newer computers. If you need to speed things up, replace the hard disk with a faster one or a RAM drive using DDR2 RAM which has a slowest speed of 3,000 MB/s.
  • Bus transfer speed. PCI bus has a speed of 133 MB/s (running at 33MHz, 32 bit) but this is shared amongst many other computer components. So the actual connection bus transfer speed would be much slower. Upgrading to a PCI Express bus with a speed of 250 MB/s will certainly help.
  • For Ethernet and TCP/IP protocol actual data transfer rate is about 6% less due to protocol overhead. Customer local LAN speed. Are they using GigE Switches and Routers?
Therefore, although you can offer the GigE Internet speeds, many customers will not be able to fully utilize it. Pertinent Products/Services: Looking for the right optical transceivers for your network? Gives me a call, we carry a variety of 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps transceivers and transponders including:
  • 1310/1550 XFP, SFP, SFP+, QSFP+, GBIC, CFP, Zenpak
  • Channel tunable DWDM XFP and SFP
  • OTN FEC G.709 transceivers
  • Long reach 10G transceivers with budgets of 28dB, 1G up to 37dB
  • Compatible with most manufacturers equipment guaranteed.