Tip of the Week – 07 Aug 2013

Tip of the Week – Reduce Remote PoP Site Costs Do you operate remote PoP sites in your fiber network? Then you may be interested in the following tips to help reduce your operating costs: A power hog at remote sites is the air conditioner. If you can replace the existing PoP equipment with temperature hardened type, then you may be able to get rid of the air conditioner completely, and/or just run a vent fan during the hottest days. If you still need to use an air conditioner, try to find one that uses a DC motor. DC motors are much more energy efficient than AC motors. Have you though of installing solar cells and/or a wind turbine to help power or fully power the site? They are commonly used at many remote locations where electricity is not available or is expensive. To help identify maintenance personnel to your NOC staff, you may want to consider installing a remote access door lock with an entry IP video telephone to visually identify all occupants. You can also install a portable wireless IP camera with voice that is connected to the PoP WiFi router to help NOC personnel direct maintenance personnel to equipment and/or visual confirm equipment status. Pertinent Products/Services: Looking for a cost saving solutions at your remote PoP locations. Give me a call, we can help you with all the above items. Tel 1.888.250.1562 x4 To learn more about this topic and other fiber optic network topics, refer to my following books (publisher McGraw-Hill): “Planning Fiber Optic Networks”, ISBN 0-07-1499199 available from Amazon.com . Table of contents can be seen here : http://www.TelecomEngineering.com/products/resources/planningfibernetworks.htm Did you miss last week’s Tip? If so feel free to peruse archived Tips at https://telecomengineering.com/category/tipoftheweek/