Tip of the Week – 06 Jan 2014

Tip of the Week – NZDSF Fiber

Are you planning to install, or do you have in your network, NZDSF or DSF fiber? NZDSF fiber has its fiber chromatic dispersion zero crossing point shifted to just below C-Band (1550nm). This permits much longer distance transmission in C-band without the need for chromatic dispersion compensation. However, it also results in very high dispersion in the O-Band (1310 nm) and can make 1310 nm transmissions impossible for some distances and data rates. So if you are planning to use the fiber span for 1310 nm transmission, you may want to review your fiber cable selection. Standard single mode fiber ITU G.652c/d is often a good choice for many long haul fiber deployments. Note, DSF fiber is typically not a good choice for any fiber span deployment. Pertinent Products/Services: Looking for channel tunable DWDM SFP and XFP (for some CWDM channels too). Contact me for pricing details. Also great deals on many other transceiver products including:
  • 1310/1550 XFP, SFP, SFP+, QSFP+, GBIC, CFP, Zenpak
  • Channel tunable 10G and 1G DWDM XFP and SFP
  • Fixed DWDM and CWDM transceivers
  • OTN FEC G.709 transceivers
  • Long reach 10G transceivers with budgets of 28dB
  • ALL Compatible with most manufacturers equipment guaranteed!
  • 3 year warranty
To learn more about this topic and other fiber optic network topics, refer to my following books (publisher McGraw-Hill): “Planning Fiber Optic Networks”, ISBN 0-07-1499199 available from Amazon.com . Table of contents can be seen here : http://www.TelecomEngineering.com/products/resources/planningfibernetworks.htm