Tip of the Week – 05 Dec 2013

To measure multimode fiber characteristics a multimode OTDR should be used. However, if you only have a single mode OTDR available, then you can use it to make accurate length measurements to events or to determine cable total length. Be sure to enter the fiber’s proper refractive index value. Event and fiber loss measurements will not be accurate using a single mode OTDR on multimode fiber. FYI, if you are interested in buying my “Fiber Optic Installers Field Manual” book published by McGraw-Hill, wait until early next year. I am revising it with many new entries including my Tips! I will keep everyone posted when it will be available. Pertinent Products/Services: Contact us now to see our dramatically slashed prices on our SFP, SFP+ and XFP transceivers. Also great deals on many other products including:
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