Tip of the Week – 03 Oct 2014

Tip of the Week – FTTH Deployment Are you planning a fiber to the home deployment (FTTH)? Have you considered technology alternatives to typical GPON including WDM-PON? WDM-PON uses simple passive multiplexers at the CO location and field distribution sites to provide each customer with a dedicated DWDM wavelength. This system has many advantages including simple upgrades from 10/100 to 1GE to 10GigE and even 100GigE to each customer (or a mixture of all). Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of WDM PON deployment: Advantages:
      Simple technology well known to many companies.
      Low learning curve.
      Simple to install and maintain.
      Supports a wide range of data rates from 10/100mbps to 100Gbps on any channel.
      Simple to upgrade to higher data rates, just change the DWDM transceivers.
      Each WDM Channel is protocol transparent and independent of the other channels.
      Can be relatively less costly to deploy and maintain.
      Can be deployed on 2 or 1 fiber strands.
      Symmetrical data speeds.
      Limited by DWDM transceiver optical budge, fiber link loss and mux insertion loss. However some designs can use optical amplifiers.
      Channel tunable DWDM transceivers can be expensive. Lower prices are available for quantity purchases of fixed channel transceivers.
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