Tip of the Week – 03 May 2013

Tip of the Week: CWDM EDFA

Do you need a few extra dB to reach in a high loss CWDM link? Optical amplifiers for the CWDM band are not commonly available due to the large width of the band that would need to be amplified. However, one may be able to place an EDFA amp on two specific CWDM channels for an extra signal boost. Channels 1550nm and 1530nm can be boosted by most EDFA amps since the EDFA spec range is typically from 1529nm to 1560nm. This can be helpful when using OADMs at mid sites and one or two channels end up with high loss due to channel routing. Also when you upgrade your CWDM link to 10G from 1G and find out that your 10G transceivers cannot reach due a much lower optical budget. Be careful with this procedure since too much amplification and/or poor quality CWDM multiplexers can cause interference in adjacent channels. Another possible solution (and less pricey) to high loss is to exchange your existing CWDM SFP with very long reach SFP, which are available with optical budgets up to 37dB at 1GigE rates and 28dB at 10GigE rates. Pertinent Products/Services: Need optical amplifiers to extend your fiber link network. Give us a call, we have a variety of fiber optic amplifiers for DWDM, CWDM, 1310nm, single channel, CATV, RF analog, CATV QAM, electric utility and other applications. We also carry a wide range of optical transceivers (SFP, XFP, etc.) with optical budgets up to 37dB. More details available by visiting our EDFA Lite (TM) Optical Amplfier online catalogue.