Tip of the Week – 03 Apr 2013

Tip of the Week: Not sure what type of fiber to use in your network diet? Here is a quick summary:
Fiber Type ITU Spec TIA Spec IEC Type Typical Application
Standard Single Mode Fiber SSMF G.652 A/B OS1 B1.1 All
Low Water Peak SSMF G.652 C/D OS2 B1.3 All and CWDM
Dispersion Shifted Fiber DSF G.653 A/B   B2 none
Cutoff Shifted Fiber CSF G.654   B1.2 long haul
NonZero Dispersion Shifted Fiber NZDSF G.655 C/D   B4 long haul
Wide Band NZDSF (1460-1625nm) G.656   B5 Long Haul DWDM in LBand
Bend Insensitive Fiber G.652d complinace G.657.A1 Min Bend Radius 10mm FTTH long reach
Bend Insensitive Fiber G.652d compliance G.657.A2 Min Bend Radius 7.5mm FTTH long reach
Bend Insensitive Fiber G.657.B1 Min Bend Radius 7.5mm FTTH short < 1Km
Bend Insensitive Fiber G.657.B2 Min Bend Radius 5mm FTTH short < 1Km
Pertinent Products/Services: Are you looking for an affordable 100G Transponder/Muxponder solution? Give us a call regarding Packetlite PL-1000Gx Features:
  • 1 RMU size, dual power supply
  • 10 x 10G multiplexed to 100G signal
  • Accepts 10GigE, OC192, STM64, 8G/10G Fiber Channel
  • 10G, 40G, 100G ports
  • SFP+, QSFP+, CFP, CXP ports
  • G.709 GFEC
  • DWDM tunable channels
  • Integrated EDFA and DCM
Interested, give me a call at 1.888.250.1562 x4? More details available here: http://www.packetlight.com/products/100g-dwdm-solutions/