RAMAN Lite Optical Amplifier

The Raman Lite Optical Amplifier uses proven Raman technology to allow amplification of an optical signal without the use of costly regenerative repeater stations.  The Raman Lite Optical Amplifier can be integrated with ease into a single wavelength operation or a complex multi-channel DWDM / CWDM systems.  It is placed in a pre-amplification position. A distinct advantage of using an optical amplifier is that it increases the allowable distance between each node, compensating for fiber loss, DWDM / CWDM losses and introduces no noise.
  • Operating Wavelength Range C & L Bands
  • Multi-wavelength operation or single wavelength amplification operation
  • Fully transparent at all data rates and protocols
  • Local alarm contact closures
  • GUI Software for Ethernet or RS232 connection for remote or local access
  • -20 dB optical monitor port on output
  • LCD front panel display
  • Dual 48 vdc power inputs
  • 120 / 220 VAC, 60/50 Hz power option available
  • DWDM, CWDM, SONET, SDH Networks
  • Single or multi wavelength amplification systems
  • Electric utility protection relay signal amplification
  • recommended by Schweitzer
  • 3 Year Product Warranty
Parameter Pre-Amp Units
Operating Wavelength C & L Bands nm
Saturated Output Power 27 or 29 dBm
Optical Input Power (min) -30 to -5 dBm
Small Signal Gain 9 dB G652 fiber dB
Noise Figure SMF28 fiber ~0 dB
Gain Flatness +- 0.85 dB
Polarization Mode Dispersion < 0.2 ps
Insertion Loss < 1.2 dB
Return Loss > 50 dB
DC Power Supply Voltage -48 Vdc
Operating Temperature 0 to 65 ° C
Storage Temperature 0 to 65 ° C

Order Information

Part Number: TEOA - Sat.Power - Application - Connector Type - Compatibility


  • PRA Pre-Amp
  • ILA In-line Amp

Connector Type

  • FCU Ultra Polish FC
  • SCU Ultra Polish SC


  • S Special Design

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