Fiber Optic Tool Box

This useful Android Device application provides tools for engineers and technicians to help design and maintain their fiber optic network. There are two versions, the free Lite version which has an Ad at the start up, and Pro which has no Ads and is $2.99 USD. fot-screen  
  • A Transceiver Selection guide that helps you find the correct transceiver needed for a specific fiber span. It also allows for a quick transceiver price quote to be provided by Telecom Engineering.
  • A Fiber Loss Calculator that calculates the loss of a fiber span with specific characteristics over single mode and multimode fiber.
  • A Fiber Color Code guide that helps identify the correct fiber by color and its corresponding numbering as per TIA/EIA 598C.
  • A CWDM and Channel Converter that shows CWDM channel wavelengths, frequencies and channel numbers, as per ITU G.694.
  • A DWDM and Channel Converter that shows DWDM channel wavelengths, frequencies and channel numbers, as per ITU G.694.1.
  • A dBm to mW Converter that converts from power in decibels to milliwatts and vice versa for single channel and multi channel WDM applications.
  • A Chromatic Dispersion Calculator that calculates the chromatic dispersion of a specific fiber span by specifying its operating wavelength, zero dispersion wavelength and slope.
  • A Latency Calculator that calculates the delay of a signal in a fiber or copper cable link.
  • An OSNR calculator that calculates fiber span OSNR where optical amplifiers are deployed.
We welcome all comments and suggestions for future upgrades to our tool box.
The app is available for download at the Google Play Store.

Pro Version

Lite Version