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The Free evaluation copy of limited F-Intermod software will run for a length of 7 days from the date of installation. After the 7 day evaluation period has expired, you will be required to purchase a user license to continue to use this product. The price of a single computer user license for one year (365 days) is $95.00 USD. This free evaluation limited version of F-Intermod input is restricted to a maximum of 3 test Rx/Tx frequencies/channels.  To be able to input up to 10000 frequencies/channels, a software license must be purchased.  A two day full unrestricted version trial is available upon special request.  Email info@telecomengineering.com with request include software Site Code. PLEASE NOTE: We have recently discovered that some less sophisticated virus scanners such as Microsoft Security Essentials flag our software as containing a virus or malware and can possibly delete F-Intermod from your computer after installation. We want to assure you that our software does not contain any viruses or malware, and does not connect to the Internet without your knowledge. Other more sophisticated virus scanners work well with our software, such as AVG. If this occurs on your computer please set your virus scanner to ignore F-Intermod. See here for purchasing information.

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Installation Note You need to be logged in as Administrator with full Administrator rights to install F-Intermod on your computer.

F-Intermod Basic Training Video

YouTube: https://youtu.be/rrIUF03irkM Video Topics Covered 
  • Program Panel Overview
  • Entering, importing and exporting database
  • Viewing, and Printing Results
  • Result Modifiers
Version Release History
  • R5.61 March 26, 2015 Minor changes to GUI text.
  • R5.60 November 24, 2014 Is now available for downloading. Please download using above Download trial button. This version fixes the false virus hits message seen by some virus scanners. If your virus scanner is not triggering any virus hits with F-Intermod, then there is no need to upgrade to this version. Upgrading to this version will require a new key to be entered. Please email us your Site Code if you are already licensed.
  • R5.50 March 17, 2014 When copy and pasting Simplex frequencies from Excel or other spreadsheet Apps, be sure that the Tx or Rx frequency is cell blank. If an error occurs when running the program, go to all Excel spreadsheet blank frequency cell fields and delete them. Then copy again to F-Intermod. Occasionally, Excel will leave invisible characters in blank cell fields that can cause F-Intermod run-time errors.
  • R5.50 Jan 21, 2013 Column header bug fixed that showed incorrect Tx freq intermod coefficient column header if planned freq and text printout is selected.
  • R5.40 Mar 10, 2012 Sorting Bug Fix, Add Clear Out button
  • R5.30 Mar 2, 2012 Minor upgrade, increase intermod order to 32
  • R5.20 Dec 6, 2011 Minor upgrade, Guide changes
  • R5.10 June 14, 2011 Minor Windows 7 loading bug fix
  • R5.09 April 21, 2011 Power column label bug fix
  • R5.07 April 18, 2011 Minor compatibility changes
  • R5.06 Feb 13, 2011 Minor GUI and Guide changes
  • R5.05 Nov 23, 2010 Fix missing file MSSTDFMT.DLL error that may occur on some Vista and Windows 7 computers
  • R5.04 Nov 22, 2010 Fix print Tx column alignment and landscape printing, and minor enhancements
  • R5.02 Nov 11, 2010 Minor display enhancement
  • R5.00 July 21, 2010 Major release of new intermod power feature and minor fixes. Program data base is saved in file with .cdb extension. New Template feature allows configuration to be saved in file with .tpl extension.
  • R4.41 April 8, 2010 Minor security change, GUI enhancements
  • R4.35 July 18, 2009 Allow saving intermod output to multiple files when output is larger than 2 Giga bytes to avoid Microsoft files size limitation.
  • R4.33 May 18, 2009 Minor bug upgrade
  • R4.31 June 13, 2008 Added option to select output file formats for large outputs that result in screen overloads.
  • R4.25 May 16, 2008 Bug fix only when Tx intermod was selected, the difference column listing between IM Freq and Tx channel was in error.
  • R4.24 April 18, 2008 When saving large outputs, only 2 files are created instead of three .
  • R4.23 Dec 7, 2007 Minor wavelength label display bug fixes.
  • R4.22 Nov 29, 2007 Fiber Optic DWDM four wave mixing (FWM) calculation capability added. Minor data entry bug fixes.
  • R4.1.1 Aug 1, 2007 Minor bug fixed. Blank channel that was inserted into the input screen on startup was removed.
  • R4.1.0 June 25, 2007 Increased the maximum number of input channels to 10000.
  • R4.0.1 June 5, 2007 Improved block delete function and expanded channel name text size.
  • R4.0.0 May 23, 2007 New block copy from Excel spread sheet to channel input table feature added.
  • R3.8.9 May 10, 2007 Minor Gui labeling change.
  • R3.8.8 Feb 23, 2007 Input frequency formatting revised to accommodate non North American style number formats using commas instead of decimals.
  • R3.8.7 Feb 8, 2007 Duplicate Frequency Error on input resolved. Problem occurred due to last build compiling error..
  • R3.8.6 May 28, 2006 Software now allows leading decimals to be typed for any input frequency box. Enhancement of input and output table sorting routines.
  • R3.8.4 May 12, 2006 Bug fix that caused an error dialog box to appear if user tried to open a saved file. Bug accidentally introduced in version 3.8.3
  • R3.8.3 April 26, 2006 This version implements a new yearly licensing system. All user that have purchased a license prior to April 26 2006, have an indefinite software license, but you will need to email us to receive free periodic license Keys when they expire. All new purchases after this date have periodic licenses that will need to be renewed as required per your license agreement.
  • R3.8.2 April 5, 2006 For lengthy outputs that require saving to file before continuing, fixed counter overflow bug. Write error/Permission denied bug fixed. Added last line of output files adjusted to reflect whether the calculations were cancelled. Added total number of channels are now displayed beside channel name label.
  • R3.8.1 February 17, 2006 Print Preview bug fixed.
  • R3.8.0 December 19, 2005 Added List All Intermod feature. Minor bug fixes.
  • R3.7.9 December 1, 2005 Added auto receive frequency calculation feature. Minor bug fixes.
  • R3.7.8 November 30, 2005 Paste feature added. Output overflow bug fixed for outputs greater than 32767 rows.
We would very much like to know what you think of this software and hear your suggestions to improve it. If we receive sufficient request for a feature, we will implement it in a future release. Please email sales support at with your comments or suggestions.

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We are dedicated to providing you software that contains no spyware, no adware, or other variants of this type. When you download our software you can be certain that you are only getting the program you wanted and nothing more. Our software does not connect to the Internet without your knowledge or record your usage (or any other information).

F-Intermod Basic Training Video

YouTube: https://youtu.be/rrIUF03irkM


You need to be logged in as Administrator with full Administrator rights to install F-Intermod on your computer. Before installing F-Intermod on your computer, be certain the computer's clock date are set to the correct date. Changing the date after the software is installed will cause the software security to restrict access to F-Intermod. If you have already purchased a software licensed, you are entitled to FREE upgrades during the period of your license. Download and install the most recent trial version above. You do not need to enter any new keys to activate your download.