F-Intermod Purchasing Information

To Purchase F-Intermod License:

The basic license fee is $95 US per computer per year (365 days) for the basic version (without the intermod power option). The intermod power option price is $80 US per computer per year. Therefore a basic license plus intermod power option price is $175 per computer per year. The power option must be purchased with the basic license or with an existing basic license. Yearly extensions to a license can be made at anytime. You can purchase as many years of license as required. Follow the Purchasing Information instructions below. Once you purchase a yearly license, you are entitled to free software upgrades during that license period. If the number of years and number of computers is not listed as you require on the pull down menu below, please contact us at info@telecomengineering.com, to have it added. For those requesting a CD version, there is a $20.00 Shipping and Handling fee added. Please contact us to purchase with a CD version shipped to your address, at info@TelecomEngineering.com.

Purchasing Instructions

Download and install the free limited evaluation version of F-Intermod on each computer that will contain the licensed version. Before beginning the Buy Now process below, record the software’s “Site Code” (maybe called Lock Code) that is generated by F-Intermod for each computer. This code can be obtained by pressing your “Enter Key or Space Bar” when the first splash screen appears showing the number of days remaining. Lockcode02

Download Trial here

Purchasing process:

  • Select a pricing option. Default is 1 computer for 1 year for basic license, price $95.
  • Enter all computer Site Code(s) (may also be labelled as Lock Code) that will need a licensed version of F-Intermod. If you do not enter the computer(s) Site Code at this stage, you will receive an email requesting Site Code(s) once payment is processed.
  • Please be sure the email address you enter is correct. The unlock Key is sent to this address.
  • Click the below ‘Buy Now’ button to be taken to the secure credit card check out page. If the PayPal page should appear and you prefer to pay by credit card, simply click ‘Don’t Have a PayPal Account’ found at the bottom of the page, even if you do have a PayPal account.
  • Note for all MN USA residences state tax will be added.
PLEASE NOTE: * We have recently discovered that some less sophisticated virus scanners such as Microsoft Security Essentials flag our software as containing a virus or malware and can possibly delete F-Intermod from your computer. We want to assure you that our software does not contain any viruses or malware, and does not connect to the Internet without your knowledge. Other more sophisticated virus scanners work well with our software, such as AVG. If this occurs on your computer please set your virus scanner to ignore F-Intermod. * Also if you are installing F-Intermod on a VM Virtual Windows Machine, or cloud OS/server, you will need to purchase the Server license.Please select the number of users Server license 2 to 4, below. This web site is the only authorized website where F-Intermod can be downloaded. Please do not download F-Intermod from any other web site. The 1 computer license will not work in a VM/cloud server installation.
Please Select Option
Enter Site/Lock Code

Buy with CryptoCurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC)
Enter Site/Lock Code in the “Note To Seller” section during crypto checkout. Only single computer, 1 year, basic version available by crypto payment at this time. Email us at info@telecomengineering.com for purchase with coins not listed during checkout.

F-Intermod Basic Training Video

YouTube: https://youtu.be/rrIUF03irkM Video Topics Covered 
  • Program Panel Overview
  • Entering, importing and exporting database
  • Viewing, and Printing Results
  • Result Modifiers
Special Note to non North American Users:---------------------------- F-Intermod is not compatible with computers that are setup to display a comma as a decimal mark between the integer and fraction part of a number, example 207,12 . If your computer is set to display this way, it must be reconfigured to display the decimal mark as a period, example 207.12 in order for F-Intermod to work properly. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact us at info@telecomengineering.com for special pricing of other license computer/year combinations and quantities. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once the purchase process has been successfully completed, we will email you the proper unlock Key(s) to unlock F-Intermod installed on your computer(s) for the license period selected. This may take from 1 hour to up to 1 day during normal business hours. All purchases made after 5 pm EST (Ontario, Canada) will be processed the next business day. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ensure all Lock Codes, for each computer where this software is installed, are entered above and your email address is entered correctly during the "Buy Now" process. We will email the license Key to your email address shown during the Buy Now process. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We also accept bank checks, money orders (do not send cash), and approved company POs. Send payment or fax PO with your reply email address and Lock Code

Download Trial here

F-Intermod Basic Training Video

YouTube: https://youtu.be/rrIUF03irkM