F-Intermod calculates RF and optical intermodulation products. Up to 1000 transmit and 1000 receive frequencies can be entered with a frequency range from 0 Hz to 999,999.99999 THz and for optical 0 to 999,999.99999 nm.  Unlimited calculated intermodulation frequencies output with order of 2 and higher. A must have for radio engineers and CATV engineers! Trial Download Purchasing Information Watch F-Intermod Getting Started Basic video here


  • Power of each Intermod product is calculated! Determine the worst intermod offenders.
  • Save F-Intermod configuration to a template file for use with other channel data.
  • Many minor enhancements.
  • Input frequencies from 0 Hz to 999,999.99999 THz
  • Input up to 10000 channels (transmit and receive frequencies)
  • Calculates Intermod Order from 2 to 31
  • Input unique bandwidth for every channel
  • Harmonics (if known) can be entered as separate entries
  • Input Full Duplex, Half Duplex or Simplex channels
  • Export to Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet readable .csv file
  • Input alphanumeric channel names and show channel names in output
  • Very fast algorithm, computes output much faster than other programs
  • Store input values in file for future calculation
  • Unlimited Intermod output
  • Channel database integrated into F-Intermod. Store unique channel information, such as location, contact information, comments, etc. for each individual channel
  • Formula output format allows for easy viewing of large channel outputs
  • Output window filter - specify a frequency range to be used as an output window or test frequency
  • Sort using any output column
  • Calculate and output intermod products only due to new planned frequencies for an existing radio site.  This allows engineers to see the intermod impact of new frequency/channel additions that are planned for an existing radio site.
  • Automatically calculates input receive frequency feature.
  • Option to list all intermod frequencies without receiver bandwidth filtering.

F-Intermod Users:

Here is a brief list of F-Intermod users over the past 20 years:
    "I have been using your program for over two years battling IM in the crazy world of VHF (high band) land mobile radio systems for public safety users. Without F-Intermod, it would be, literally, shooting in the dark. The present project operates 10 pairs of VHF frequencies in a simulcast system with 14 sites.  The antenna and filter design has been quite involved. Probably could not even have done it without F-Intermod. Thanks! David D."


What are intermodulation products? Intermodulation products are new frequencies that can be created when two or more radio signals mix together. These newly created frequencies can interfere with existing radio frequencies. Why do I need to calculate intermodulation products? Intermodulation products should be calculated before installing two or more radio transmitters at a site in order to determine what new frequencies may be created by intermodulation. These new frequencies can cause serious interference with the site radio receivers and other nearby receivers. It is also a requirement by many frequency spectrum-regulating agencies to ensure interference is not created for other existing radio stations. Will "F-Intermod" provide me with a list of these intermodulation frequencies? Yes it will provide a list of possible intermod frequencies that may be created, for up to 10000 radio transceivers at a site. Some output files are too large to open with Microsoft Excel or Word how can I access them? It is common to have large output files that contain many intermod hits when large number of input frequencies are used. We suggest using other applications to open these large files such as Textpad which can be found at www.textpad.com. Will "F-Intermod" calculate the power of these intermodulation frequencies? Yes, if the nonlinear coefficient is know. The nonlinear coefficient can be calculated by measuring a harmonic or intermod product. See the manual for details. Else if the nonlinear coefficient is not know, you can still use

System Requirements

  • Windows 98/ME/XP/2000/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 10
  • 800x600 Monitor or Better
  • 128MB RAM Minimum
  • 10 MB Hard Drive Space

Single Computer Installation

The single computer license version can be installed on any Windows computer. Price is $95 per computer per year for basic version and $175 per computer per year for basic + intermod power option.