EDFA Lite Optical Amplifier

The EDFA Lite (TM) Optical Amplifier uses proven Erbium-Doped Fiber (EDF) technology to allow amplification of an optical signal without the use of costly regenerative repeater stations. The EDFA Lite (TM) Optical Amplifier can be ordered as a single channel or a multi-wavelength DWDM unit. As well, it may be positioned as a booster, pre-amp or in-line position to allow the amplification of the signal along any point of the optical network. We also carry specially designed EDFA amplifiers for electric utilities and RF/digital compatible units for our cable TV PON customers.
  • Operating Wavelength Range 1529nm to 1562nm
  • Single or Multi-wavelength DWDM amplification
  • Fully transparent at all data rates and protocols
  • Alarm contact closures
  • GUI  or SNMP for remote or local access
  • Tested by Schweitzer and Schneider Electric for protection relay signal amplification
  • PON cable TV signal amplification of analog and QAM16 to QAM256 signals
  • -20 dB monitor port on output
  • LCD front panel display
  • -48 Vdc, 120 / 220 VAC 60/50 Hz, or 125 VDC
  • DWDM, SONET, SDH Networks
  • PON, cable TV, Ethernet PON
  • Single wavelength or multi-wavelength (DWDM) amplification
  • Electric utility protection relay signal amplification
  • Tested by Schweitzer and Schneider Electric


Parameter Pre Amp In-line Amp Booster Amp Units
Operating wavelength 1529 - 1562 nm
Saturated output power min 5 17 17 dBM
Optical input power -30 to -20 -25 to -10 -5 to +10 dBm
Maximuml signal gain 27 27 27 dB
Noise figure max 5.5 6.0 6.0 dB
Gain flatness +/-1.0 +/-1.0 +/-1.0 dB
Optical interface SC
Power connection -48 Vdc, 120/240 Vac, or 125 Vdc
Operating temperature 0 to 50 ° C

Order Information

Part Number: Part Number: TBDC - Unit - Center Wavelength - Connector type Application:
  • PRA Pre-Amp
  • ILA In-line Amp
  • BOA Booster Amp
Connector Type
  • LCU Ultra polish LC
Example Part Number: