DWDM over CWDM Channel Expansion

Increase your existing CWDM multiplexer link capacity by simply adding our passive DWDM Lite Expansion Units. Expansion units can be added to any existing CWDM multiplexer channels and are compatible with all manufacturer CWDM multiplexers. The ability to increase CWDM capacity is accomplished by the unit’s specially designed DWDM multiplexer that is capable of inserting 8 or 16 DWDM channels into unused CWDM channel bandwidth. The units are designed for easy installation onto live systems with minimal or no traffic interruptions, no power connection and no configuration required.
  • Expands CWDM multiplexer channel capacity to 8, or 16 channels
  • Install onto any one of the following CWDM multiplexer channels of 1531, 1551, 1571 or 1591nm
  • Existing CWDM multiplexer does not need to be removed or decommissioned
  • Easy to install, requires no setup
  • Environmentally friendly product, completely passive, no power and no cooling required for operation!
  • Standalone, no other equipment required
  • Low insertion loss
  • Disassembles easily for cleaning
  • Fully transparent to all data rates and protocols
  • High reliability, MTBF of 50 years
  • Telcordia/Bellcore GR-1209 and GR-1221 qualified
  • Accepts any data rate and any protocol on any port up to 10 Gbps, also 40 Gbps (DPSK, DQPSK) and 100 Gbps (DP-QPSK)
  • 8 Channel expansion unit -  Adds 8 DWDM channels to an existing CWDM multiplexer channel.
  • 16 Channel expansion unit - Adds 16 DWDM channels to an existing CWDM multiplexer channel Increases an existing 8 channel CWDM system to 23 channels (7 CWDM channels + 16 DWDM channels).
  • Fully compatible with all CWDM multiplexers
  • Compatible with all DWDM SFP, GBIC, Xenpak, XFP pluggables and other ITU DWDM standard transceivers
  •   ISO 9001 manufacturing facility
  • Lifetime Product Warranty
  • 1-RMU (1.75") aluminum shelf


Specifications: 16 Channel Unit: 8 Channel Unit:
For CWDM Channels 1531 to 1591 1531 to 1591
Insertion Loss (Max) 5.0 dB 3.5 dB
Polarization Dependent Loss (Max) 0.4 dB 0.1 dB
Polarization Mode Dispersion (Max) 0.15 ps 0.1 ps
Power Handling (Max) 0.5W 0.5 W
Operating Temperature -5 to +70 ËšC -5 to +70 ËšC

Ordering Information:

8 channel part number: TDWM-8W-02-100-xx-xx- LC 16 channel part number: TDWM-16W-02-100-xx-xx-LC