We provide the best telecom documentation in the industry. Our telecom project documentation includes detailed color network drawings, system drawings (showing network elements, fiber and cabling connections), telecom equipment room layouts, equipment rack and bay layouts. Our 11 x 17 inch or 8.5 x 11 inch sized drawings are used to provide detailed information for field technicians to construct the project and provide as built details after the project is completed for future archive, network trouble shooting, ownership records and network expansion engineering.

Project Documentation Includes:

  • For Construction and As Built drawings, Color Coded (11x17 inch)
  • Project Description
  • Project Schedule
  • Circuit Roll & Implementation Plan
  • Project Inventory Equipment / Material List
  • Detailed Project Cost Accounting Spread Sheet
  • Network Testing Verification Reports
  • Contact and Escalation List
  • Customer Acceptance Certificate

CAD Documentation

AutoCAD ® is our preferred platform. Our documentation team members are qualified to produce various drawings from network schematics to central office and equipment layouts.

Installation packages are specifically produced for each project. The package consists of easy-to-follow drawings, schematics, and instructions to ensure that the installation of your network is done properly the first time.

As-Built Documentation

No project would be complete without its own set of documentation.

Our As-built documentation package is used to record equipment installation, documentation and material distribution, and network performance and test results. These documents are produce with accuracy and clarity in mind. They are verified by Telecom Engineering project engineer, and the customers' representative before the as-built documentation is considered complete.

Digital Imagery

Digital Imagery is used in a variety of ways, mostly for site investigation to assist the engineer in note taking. In addition, digital images are used to record existing equipment in Central Offices, and POP's for planning and insurance purposes.

All digital images captured by our members are kept on file for reference. Our documentation department uses the images along with the engineer's notes to create and/or reproduce drawings that precisely reflect the digital image.


Our documentation department creates and maintains databases for all aspects of a project. A drawing index is created to keep track of drawings that have been issued throughout a project.

Any equipment that has been purchased for a given project is assigned an identification number, which is then placed on the drawings for easy reference. The identification number is linked to an equipment database for easy tracking of the supplier, manufacturer, cost and installed location.