CWDM Lite (TM) Power Meter

Optical CWDM Power Meter is designed to measure both wavelength and optical power of multi wavelength optical signals in CWDM, FTTx, LTE, WCDMA, WDM-PON system, 3G that uses multiple optical carriers with different wavelengths. It is so compact and mechanically stable that it is suitable for outdoor field application.
  • Simultaneous measurement of both optical power and wavelength in CWDM system
  • Compact size, excellent portability and easy operation
  • Applicable for wavelength optical network such as CWDM, LTE, WiBro, 3G/4G, FTTx
  • Also Works as a typical optical power meter
  • Typical 5-pin Charger and USB data cable
  • Color LCD
  • Add to graphic display
  • Light weight for on-site measurement
  • Quick start operation, requiring no warm-up time and reducing testing time
  • A robust, shock-proof, splash-proof design for field operation
  • Save stored measured data to PC
Parameter Typical
Wavelength range 1270 ~ 1610 nm
Number of channels 18
Measuring wavelength (nm) 1270/1290/1310/1330/1350/1370/
Wavelength resolution 20 nm
Dynamic range + 10 dBm to -40 dBm
Absolute accuracy < ±0.5 dB
Power resolution 0.01 dB
Units dBm / dB
Power Supply Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Battery
Optical Interface SC/PC (standard), FC, LC, ST Available
Guaranteed time of Operating 600 min (when fully charged)
Operating Temperature 0 ~ + 50 °C
Dimension 78 x 155 x 35 mm
Weight 250g
Standard package includes:
  • 1 Power Meter Body (included Battery)
  • 1 Body Rubber Case
  • 1 USB Data Cable
  • 1 Typical 5-pin Charger
  • 1 User Manual