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Version Release History

  • R2.31.0 Feb 13, 2011 Minor tweak
  • R2.30.0 Oct 14, 2010 Added DWDM and CWDM frequency to channel conversion
  • R2.20.0 June 15, 2010 Minor enhancements
  • R2.17.0 Sept. 18, 2009 Increase BER range features
  • R2.16.0 Aug. 20, 2009 Added new BER conversion feature
  • R2.15.0 Aug. 5, 2009 Added new features, calculate aggregate WDM power with different channel powers.
  • R2.14.0 Oct. 29, 2008 Added new features, DWDM to dB converter and dB to mW converter.
  • R2.12.1 Oct. 7, 2008 Improved binomial equation and accuracy. Added ability to calculate test time for up to 100 bit errors.
  • R2.11.0 Sept 23, 2008 Fixed typo in Q-Factor label and added Q-Factor dB
  • R2.10.0 July 16, 2008 Added new Q Factor equations.
  • R2.9.0 Aug 27, 2007 Added Q-Factor calculation.
  • R2.8.1 Nov 9, 2005 "Check for updates" feature added. Help Guide is now an html document which can also be viewed here
  • R2.8 Nov 29, 2004 Minor bug fixes and interface enhancements
  • R2.7 Nov 26, 2004 Added statistical confidence levels for estimating BER test periods.
  • R2.6 Sept 1, 2004 Interface upgrade

We would very much like to know what you think of this software and hear your suggestions to improve it. If we receive sufficient request for a feature, we will implement it in a future release. Please email sales support at with your comments or suggestions.

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