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Evaluation Version

A Free 30 day Evaluation Version of BERCalculator can be downloaded directly by clicking here

To purchase a user license, the price is $20 per computer for 5 years. Please follow the Purchasing Information instructions below.

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Purchasing Information

Download and install the free 30 day evaluation version of BERCalculator. Before beginning the Buy Now process, record the software “Lock Code” that is generated by the software. You will need to enter this Lock Code during the Buy Now process in the Lock Code line. If more than one license is required, record “Lock Codes” from all computers this software will be installed onto. The software “Lock Code” can be obtained by selecting the “Enter Key” on the Reminder window that is shown when BERCalculator is started or from the Menu Help About screen.

The price of one unlimited license per computer for this product is $20.00 USD per computer for 5 years.

Enter software Lock Code and Click the “Buy Now” button to purchase BERCalculator 5 year License.

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Once the purchase process has been successfully completed, we will email you the proper unlock Key codes to unlock the software for the period of the license. This may take up to 1 day. Ensure all Lock Codes (for each computer this software is installed onto) and your proper email address is entered during the buy now process. If you require more information or assistance, please contact a sales representative at 888-250-1562 or email We also accept bank checks, money orders (do not send cash), and approved company POs.