WDM LiteTM PON system

Minnetonka, MN – Telecom Engineering announced today their new WDM LiteTM PON system. This system is designed to give last-mile fiber providers a highly secure and flexible alternative to GPON and EPON. Using Telecom Engineering’s wavelength division technology, up to 44 channels are multiplexed onto a fiber trunk. One channel is dropped at each customer location using a 1 or 2 fiber strand drop cable and Telecom Engineering ONU. Each channel and each customer location can support 100 Mbps, GigE, OC48, 10GigE, OC192, 40Gbps or 100Gbps traffic. This gives services providers extreme flexibility and bandwidth expansion capacity in their offerings, allowing them to maximize their revenues without having to overbuild their network. Along with individualizing data rate, they are free to choose whatever protocol they would like, customizing them to any individual subscriber. Additionally, with WDM PON, each subscriber’s data is more secure than with GPON or EPON, as each channel is physically isolated from all others. More product details are available at http://www.TelecomEngineering.com/Hardware/Passive/PON/pon.htm . This is a great solution for those providers looking to maximize their flexibility in their last-mile offerings.