Telecom International Coupler allows expansion of networks and increased fiber capacity.

MINNETONKA, MN. – Telecom International Services, Inc., a telecommunications consulting firm, today announced plans to further expand its Telecom International Products line with the introduction of the Bi-Directional Coupler. Also known for their project management and skilled labor and engineering services, Telecom International has branched out into supplying their customers with their own line of products.

The TIP Bi-Directional Coupler is a completely passive unit that allows for optical transmissions in both directions in one fiber. It is completely independent of optical transmission wavelength and therefore can be used with any wavelength in the 1550 nm window. It is designed specifically for SONET / SDH and broadband applications.

For installation, two units are required per fiber, one at each end of the fiber. The communication equipment’s optical transmit and receive connections are made to each unit’s In and Out ports. One cable fiber is connected to the common ports of both units to complete the installation. This enables optical transmission in both directions on one fiber. The number of fibers required for a bi-directional communication system is reduced from two to one, therefore in effect doubling the fiber’s transmission bandwidth.

The TIP Bi-Directional Coupler module is designed to fit in the TIP Subrack Unit that can hold up to 12 TIP modules. Other modules currently available are Cross-band (1310/1550 nm) WDMs, 4 and 8 channel DWDMs, Narrow-band WDMs, and Optical Splitters.

“Our new Bi-Directional Couplers will help our customers save immediately by increasing the number of available fibers in their fiber optic network,” said Bob Chomycz, President and CEO of Telecom International Services, Inc. “They allow existing fiber capacities to be doubled without altering network equipment and can be installed in an existing SONET system with no downtime.”