MINNETONKA, MN. – November 22, 2000 – Three Engineers from Telecom International Services, Inc., a telecommunications consulting firm, recently attended a Synchronization course held at Telcordia Technologies.

The course was designed to provide an overview of synchronization techniques. The participants learned about planning, designing and maintaining synchronous systems in today’s networks. In particular, SONET networks and BITS (Building Integrated Timing Supply) were discussed. In addition, the stratum level hierarchy, synchronization requirements, and Primary Reference Sources (PRS) were also covered. Synchronization status messaging (SSM), an important communication strategy between the network elements and the clocks they are tied to, was covered in detail. Other concepts that were also reviewed were composite clock and T1 timing, phase and frequency synchronization, and timing signal generators.

Bob Chomycz, President and CEO of Telecom International Services, Inc. believes that his Engineers should be constantly upgrading their skills and supports them in their endeavors. “It provides us with the ability to serve our customers better”, Chomycz declared.