MINNETONKA, MN. – Telecom International Services, Inc., today announced the addition to its product line of the Narrow Band WDM for Nortel OC-48 systems.

The TIP Narrow Band WDM is a passive unit that is used with the 1533, 1541, 1549, and 1557 nm wavelengths. It is designed specifically for Nortel “Classic” S/DMS OC-48 equipment.

For installation, one unit is required at each fiber end. The WDM provides the ability to multiplex the four wavelengths onto one fiber. The number of fibers required for the communication system is reduced from four to one, therefore in effect quadrupling the fiber’s transmission capacity. The WDMs can be installed in existing operational Nortel OC-48 systems to increase fiber capacity

The TIP WDM module is designed to fit in the TIP Subrack Unit that can hold up to 12 TIP modules. Other modules currently available are the Bi-Directional Coupler, Cross-band (1310/1550 nm) WDMs, 4 and 8 channel DWDMs, and Optical Splitters.

“These WDMs will quadruple fiber capacity on operational Nortel OC-48 systems,” said Bob Chomycz, President and CEO of Telecom International Services, Inc. “They allow new systems to be installed using existing fiber.”