Industry First! Manual ROADM (M-ROADMTM)

Minnetonka, MN – Telecom Engineering announced today their new Manual ROADM (M-ROADMTM) product.  The M-ROADMTM is a 2 degree ROADM, expandable to multiple degrees, that is used to add/drop 8 to 40 DWDM channels in any fiber link.  The unit is configured manually which reduces the unit’s price to a fraction of a standard ROADM price.  Product application includes DWDM add/drop sites where the expense of a standard ROADM deployment cannot be justified. M-ROADMTM features include:
  • Completely passive, no power and cooling requirements
  • 2 degree unit can be expanded to any number of degrees
  • 8, 16, 32, or 40 channel add/drop configuration
  • individual channel power balancing
  • network fiber monitor ports
  • bidirectional operation on any port
  • transparent to all protocols and data rates
  • custom channel plans
  • CWDM channel plan option available
  • patent pending 
More product details are available at   “This is a cost effective alternative to standard high priced ROADM products.” said Bob Chomycz, President of Telecom Engineering USA, Inc.