Industry First! 40/100G-BASE-LR4 WDM Channel

Minnetonka, MN – Telecom Engineering announced today the addition of a 40G and 100G channel based on IEEE 802.3ba, 40G/100G-Base-LR4/ER4 standard in all their WDM LiteTM, CWDM LiteTM, DWDM LiteTM and M-ROADMTM multiplexers.  This new feature allows carriers to overlay a 40G/100G channel onto existing 1550nm, CWDM and DWDM spans. As well, the additional 40G/100G channel in CWDM LiteTM, DWDM LiteTM and M-ROADMTM products provide a more flexible, high capacity multiplexing solution. Features of this product line includes:
  • Environmentally friendly operation that requires no power connection or cooling,
  • Simple installation that requires no configuration or maintenance,
  • Manufactured in ISO 9001 facility;
  • Lifetime warranty.
More product details are available at .  “This solution provides carriers a simple method to upgrade their fiber networks to 40G and 100G capability.” said Bob Chomycz, President of Telecom Engineering USA, Inc.