Golden Valley, MN – November 27, 2007 – Telecom Engineering today announces their new, industry unique, DWDM Four Wave Mixing (FWM) software called F-IntermodTM.  F-IntermodTM allows engineers to easily and quickly determine all FWM wavelengths that can interfere with DWDM channels. Four wave mixing occurs in fiber links when 2 or more DWDM wavelengths interact with each other creating new wavelengths in the fiber.  These new wavelengths can fall onto existing DWDM channel assignments causing interference in the channels.  F-IntermodTM calculates these new wavelengths and identifies which DWDM wavelengths are mixing together to create them.  DWDM channel assignments can then be better planned in order to reduce interference due to FWM.  F-IntermodTM  can determine FWM wavelengths created by up to 1000 DWDM wavelengths. F-IntermodTM is available as a free 7 day trial.