THUNDER BAY, ONT. – Telecom Engineering, Inc., today announced the release of the upgrade of their F-Intermod software.

The upgraded F-Intermod 2001 provides enhanced features from the previous version. It is used to calculate intermodulation products at a radio site. Intermodulation products are new frequencies that are created when two or more radio signals mix together. They should be calculated before installing two or more radio transmitters at a site in order to determine what new frequencies may be created by intermodulation. These new frequencies can cause serious interference with the site radio receiver and nearby receivers.

Up to 500 transmit and 500 receive frequencies can be entered in a range from 10 Hz to 900 GHz to obtain a list of intermodulation frequencies of order 2 and higher. Frequency bandwidths can range from 0 to 900 GHz.

“This easy to use software is highly valuable for radio frequency and wireless companies,” said Bob Chomycz, President and CEO of Telecom Engineering, Inc. “It is also a requirement by many frequency spectrum-relating agencies to ensure interference is not created for other existing radio stations.”