Golden Valley, MN. – Telecom Engineering USA, Inc. today announced their new multifunction DWDM Lite (TM) 10G Transponder.  The DWDM Lite (TM) 10G Transponder is a stand alone tunable transponder and repeater that converts any 10 Gbps wavelength to any C-band DWDM channel or selected CWDM channels for metro or long haul transmission.    Applications:
  • 10 Gbps DWDM and CWDM metro or long haul networks
  • 200, 100 and 50 GHz spaced channel DWDM multiplexers
  • 3R repeater functionality fully reconditions the signal allowing for long distance transmission
  • Hot or cold standby, channel tunable, DWDM transceiver spare
Standard Features & Options:
  • Completely stand alone 10G transponder, no other equipment required,

  • Fully compatible and transparent to existing protocols including OC-192, STM-64, 10GbE, OTN G.709 FEC, 10G Fiber Channel,

  • Tunable over C-band or L-band DWDM channels,

  • Repeater 3R regeneration that extends 10G SONET/SDH and Ethernet transmission distances,

  • Cold or hot standby spare functionality used to spare existing or new DWDM 10G transceivers,

  • OTN G.709 Forward Error Correction (FEC) available for SONET/SDH and 10GigE traffic,

  • Optical power budget of 36 dB or 47 dB with FEC,

  • Long transmission span capability of up to 200 km (125 miles) over standard fiber (G.652),

  • Built-in optical booster and preamplifier,

  • Built-in dispersion compensation,

  • 1+1 protection switching (OUPSR), diverse route or equipment,

  • Laser polarization control available to help reduce nonlinear distortions (FWM) interference,

  • A & B -48 Vdc  or 120/240 Vac  power input,

  • Simple web browser Ethernet access for remote or local monitoring and control,

  • Critical, major and minor alarms and dry alarm contacts,

  • Built-in audible alarm and alarm acknowledgement,

  • Alarm history available through GUI interface,

  • Power saving “Green” selectable on/off control for cold standby spare operation,

  • Easy installation and setup, no programming or special skills required,

  • 1 RMU height (1.75 inch), 19 and 23 inch rack mounting,

  • 3 year warranty,

  • Great Price!

“Our standalone tunable multifunction DWDM Lite (TM) 10G Transponder is an industry first,” said Bob Chomycz, President of Telecom Engineering, Inc.  “SONET/SDH or Ethernet transmission systems can now be simply and economically upgraded to 10G DWDM or CWDM networks and extended over long transmission distances.  Sparing is much more economical now with tunable DWDM channels.”.