BIT ERROR RATE CALCULATOR SOFTWARE – Telecom Industry Software First

Thunder Bay, Ontario – Telecom Engineering Inc., today announced their new bit error rate (BER) calculator software BERCalculator.

BERCalculator is used to calculate the bit error rate for a transmission system under test given data rate, test period and number of received errors. It can also calculate a required test period for a BER test and the number of errors received in a period.

True BER is based on an infinite test time. Since this is impractical, a finite test period for a desired BER and confidence level is calculated using the binomial and Poisson distribution functions. The desired BER is chosen by the user and will be equal to or better than the true BER depending on the confidence level. Three different confidence levels (90%, 95% and 99%) can be selected for any user defined data rate. The calculated test period is displayed in a convenient, easy to read format, and the result is explained once it is calculated.

The software runs on any type of Windows operating system.