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    Bob Chomycz

    Placing an EDFA into a fiber link is a good way of extending the reach of your fiber optic communication system. This is especially helpful if there are unexpected high losses in the link. Here are a few tips regarding EDFA placement.
    – Typically if there is only one EDFA in the link, it should be placed in the booster position. Unless link designs indicate otherwise. This position keeps OSNR levels as high as possible and provides best OSNR performance.
    – Remember, EDFA introduces noise into your fiber optic link and therefor an added layer of complexity that needs to be considered during link design is OSNR (optical signal to noise ratio).
    – EDFA do not improved fiber dispersion. Therefore if your are at your transceiver dispersion distance limit, EDFA cannot help. However, simple dispersion compensating modules can be added.
    – EDFA only amplify signals in C-Band (1550nm band). Therefor you want to be sure that you are using 1550nm lasers within your EDFA amplification window. They are not available for O-Band (1310nm band).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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