DWDM and CWDM Tips

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    Bob Chomycz

    Adding passive DWDM or CWDM multiplexers to a fiber optic link is a good way to increase link capacity without compromising on reliability. Since the multiplexers are completely passive (no electrically powered components) they are reliable and last a long time. Here are a few tips when using these multiplexers.
    a. You always need to use transceivers lasers that have matched wavelengths to your multiplexers.
    b. CWDM multiplexers are available up to 18 channels (wavelengths) but some channels may not be usable over longer distance depending on your fiber type. Typically the 8 channel CWDM units are most common.
    c. DWDM multiplexers are available for higher channel counts. Typically less than 44 for passive multiplexers.
    d. Always get matched units (multiplexers) for both ends of your fiber link.
    e. Multiplexers add loss to your fiber link which must be included in your over all link design loss budget.

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