Forum Guidelines & Rules

To help you gain the most from the Telecom Engineering Community Forums, please familiarize yourself with these rules and guidelines before participating. These rules and guidelines are designed to help give a better understanding of what behavior is expected and make your experience more enjoyable and safer.

Guidelines (Please do’s):

1. Keep an eye open for new, interesting topics.  Before starting a new topic, please check if there is already a topic open on the subject. If so, contribute to it there.

2. Ignore bothersome members.  If there is someone on the forum that bothers you, ignore him/her. Instead, report it to us (see point below).

3. Report contributions that violate the rules and guidelines by emailing the moderator of the occurance. We will act on the report as quickly as we can.  Do not reply to the offending post as that typically only encourages the poster.

4. Use good judgement.  Remember that contributions to forums often are personal opinions that should not always be considered carefully. Telecom Engineering’ s disclaimer applies to all information posted on the platform, anywhere on the site, by guest visitors or members. 

5. Lend a helping hand. Some of us are real computer experts and feel at home using social media and online networks. Others are newcomers or too old to catch up with the new media. If you can, offer them help in using Telecom Engineering.

6.  Don’t be afraid to share. If you are not sure about information you see on Telecom Engineering, share that feeling.

7.  Welcome new members. When newcomers arrive, say “hi” and welcome them. Help new folks “learn the ropes” about how to find information and resources, save time, and how to get involved. You will also find a lot of help using the forums themselves.

8.  Use descriptive titles for new posts. Avoid “generic” post subjects like “Help” or “Question”.  You will receive a better response to your posts by being more descriptive about the content of your post.

Know Your Moderators: 

Telecom Engineering forums are moderated by our engineering team members.  While they may not have answers to all your questions, moderators are here to help in any way they can. Moderators have the right to edit or delete posts that violate the rules above without prior notice.  They are also responsible for keeping promoting participation in the forums and online contributions and comments by members.  You can spot a moderator because their posts indicate that they are moderators. We are always looking for new moderators to help with the multitude of topics in the field of malaria. If you feel you can contribute, let us know.

Each moderator may see things through slightly different eyes and some variance is to be expected. However, moderators promise to base their decision making on the content of posts rather than personal feelings about the person posting in them.

If you have a question for a moderator on a decision, you can email them and discuss it privately. They may not see things the same way you do, but they are open and approachable.

Rules (Please don’t):

1. No discussion of any illegal activity. 

2. No use of explicit, obscene or vulgar language or images and/or messages, including racist remarks. 

3. No posts that attack, insult, “flame”, defame, or abuse members or non-members.   Respect other members of the community and do not belittle, make fun off, or insult another member or non-member. Agree to disagree. This applies to both the forums and any other comments posted on Telecom Engineering by guests or members.

4. No advertising or links to advertising or “Spam” is permitted. Advertising or Spam is defined as posting a link for the purpose of selling, soliciting, or promoting by someone that has ownership or other “vested interest” to the web site involved, including efforts to promote other online forums or web sites by web site owners.  If you are a web site owner and have a link that is considered of interest to the community, please submit via email to and we will review your submission. Posts and links about fundraising (including nonprofit fundraisers) are NOT permitted. 

5. No links to any web site or use of any username that fits into rules # 1-4 above. 

6. No use of multiple usernames. Please register and use only one username for the forums.  Posting under multiple user accounts will result in administrative action (ie. banning).

7. No posts of copyrighted material.  Information copyrighted or owned by any individual or entity other than the person posting should not be posted on the message boards without the consent of the owner. Telecom Engineering’s disclaimer applies.

8. No posts of lengthy articles.  Sharing information is allowed, but the forums are not to be used to publish articles. It is an improper use of critical forum resources. We keep the right to edit and/or shorten contributions if deemed necessary.

9. No posts of an overtly political or religious nature OR posts promoting advocacy of particular personal, medical, legal, religious, political, or non-profit causes.  The forums are intended for offering mutual personal support.  Debating controversial subjects is part of Telecom Engineering, but it should have a focus on malaria. Limited religious references are allowed (ie. “my prayers are with you” or a brief quote as part of a larger post), but the forums should not be used to convert others. 

10. No cryptic posts.  Using cryptic messages to “skirt” the rules is not permitted.

11. Do not disrespect moderators.  Be respectful in both the forums and any private communications with moderators.  Moderators may often be volunteers that donate many hours of their own time to help in the forums.  Violations of this rule will not be tolerated.

12. No SHOUTING.  Remember, using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in posts is considered yelling and rude, plus it is difficult to read. 

13. Do not post offline personal contact information (ie. your home address, phone numbers etc.) and do not ask for personal information from others.  Use of full names (your first and last name) is a prerequisite but exchange of personal contact information should proceed with care. This is to protect your security and identity.

14. No irrelevant or off-topic posts. Posts which are not relevant to the forum topic may be deleted at the moderator’s discretion. 

15. No lengthy signatures. Limit signatures to 10 lines or less.  Moderators will edit and/or remove signatures that are too long.

Please Remember:

Users that do not abide by the rules may be subject to having their posts edited or deleted, their member account permanently banned from further access and/or deleted without notice.

Rules and guidelines may change at any time, please re-read them regularly.

Thank you for reading to the end! You can return to the Telecom Engineering forum here. Enjoy your stay and thanks for your participation!