Fiber Optic Installer’s Field Manual – 2nd EditionFiber Optic Installer's Field Manual Book Cover

For hands-on help with fiber optic cabling, you can’t beat this practical guide. Inside, veteran fiber optics engineer Bob Chomycz provides fully illustrated answers to every question likely to arise on your job. You’ll find clear-cut information that speeds projects along and stops mistakes before they happen.

Author: Bob Chomycz
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 0-07-181867-7

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Planning Fiber Optics Networks

book3Effectively design and deploy bandwidth-rich networks for major types of data traffic. Covering both short-reach and long-haul networks, Planning Fiber Optic Networks provides full details on all major fiber optic parameters and includes appropriate background theory and design calculations. You will find guidelines for optimizing SONET/SDH and Ethernet networks, setting up network topologies, minimizing signal loss and impairments, and using dark fiber.

Author:Bob Chomycz

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Table of Content
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