DWDM Lite PON system provides your customers with secure dedicated DWDM channel(s) right to their business or home over a pair of fibers or a single fiber strand. It reduces deployment costs and increase network reliability. Up to 44 dedicate and secure customer channels operating at any rate from 100mbps to 10Gbps are distributed along a 2 fiber DWDM PON cable in a ring or linear topology. Drop locations use field DWDM OADM that can be placed in direct burial and aerial splice enclosures.

  • Up to 44 channels and customer drops available for 2 fiber strand cable.
  • Substantially decreases deployment and operation costs while increasing network reliability.
  • Accepts any data rate on any channel from 100 mbps to 10 Gbps
  • Each channel is protocol transparent, independent of other channels and can accept any protocol from any manufacturer's transceiver including GigE, ATM, SONET, SDH, Fiber Channel, etc...
  • Ring, tree or linear topology
  • Symmetrical traffic
  • Drop cable uses 1 or 2 fiber strands.
  • Multiplexers are completely passive; no power or cooling required.
  • System is simple to install, operate and maintain.
  • Operating temperature: -20 to +60C
  • High reliability, MTBF > 50 yrs.
  • 10 mbps Ethernet to 10Gig Ethernet
  • Any equipment using ITU-T DWDM or CWDM transceivers.
  • SONET/SDH OC-3 to OC-192
  • Routers and Switches with fiber connections.
  • ATM, SAN, Fiber Channel.
  • Video, IP TV
  • other protocols
  • Fully compatible with all ITU-T DWDM or CWDM transceivers.
  • Compatible with CWDM/DWDM lightwave equipment including, Cisco, Nortel, Alcatel, Ciena, Fujitsu, MRV, etc.
  • 3 year Warranty