OLP Lite Protection Switch

Protect your optical fiber traffic with our OLP LiteTM Protection Switch.  OLP LiteTM Switch is a protocol independent, 1:1 fiber protection switch, that switches fiber traffic to alternate protect fiber, path or DWDM/CWDM channel as soon as it detects an optical power drop below a pre-set threshold on live traffic fibers.

  • 1RMU Chassis, or 4RMU shelf 19” Rack mountable.
  • 1:1 optical path protection scheme, (1+1 also available)
  • Optical switch occurs when received optical power level falls below pre-set threshold in less than 50 msec
  • 1310nm, CWDM, DWDM band fibers or individual CWDM/DWDM channels
  • Provides protection in ring and mesh fiber networks
  • Transparent to all protocols and transmission rates
  • Compatible with all manufacturers equipment
  • Optical fiber power monitoring on both working and protections paths.
  • Local and remote access TCP/IP web browser access
  • RS232 craft interface
  • SNMP optional
  • On-board LCD Display and control panel.
  • Revertive, non-revertive, forced or manual switch operation
  • 1 RMU chassis, 19 or 23 inch rack mounting
  • 48 vdc power or 120/240 vac
  • 1:1 Optical Path Protection for Ethernet, video, data, RF, and other protocols
  • For 1310 and 1550 nm window (O Band, and C Band)  applications
  • DWDM and CWDM link protection.