Eye-BERT Gen2 Test Set

The Eye-BERT Gen2 by Spectronix Inc is a low cost, easy to use, stand-alone bit error rate tester offering high performance testing from 125Mbps to 4.25Gbps and from 9.9Gbps to 11.4Gbps in a single package. The Eye-BERT combines the capabilities of the Eye-BERT Micro and the Eye-BERT Micro 10G while adding electrical SMA interfaces and a color touch screen. The Eye-BERT accepts any MSA compatible SFP or SFP+ transceiver for optical bit error rate testing. Using the differential SMA inputs and outputs, electrical or mixed mode optical/electrical testing can be performed.

  • User Replaceable SFP / SFP+
  • 125Mbps to 4.25Gbps
  • 9.9Gbps to 11.4Gbps
  • SMA Electrical I/O
  • Mixed E/O Testing
  • Internal CDR
  • Compact Package
  • USB and Ethernet
  • Color Touch Screen
  • SFP Register Diagnostics
  • Transmitter / Receiver testing
  • SFP / SFP+ Testing
  • Automated Test Sets
  • Dedicated Link Verification
Parameters Units Typical Specifications
Supported Data Rates Gbps 0.125, 0.15552, 0.200, 0.62208, 1.0625, 1.250, 2.125, 2.48832, 2.500, 2.66608, 4.250, 9.95328, 10.3125, 10.5188, 10.7092, 11.049, 11.0957, 11.270, 11.31760
Data Patterns   27-1, 231-1, K28.5, K28.7
Optical Interface   MSA compliant SFP or SFP+
Electrical Output mVpp 900 (typical), differential LVDS SMA
Electrical Input mVpp 50 to 1200, differential SMA
Reference Clock Output mVpp 750 (Typical, differential LVDS SMA
Reference Clock Jitter ps 8ps rms, 35ps peak to peak (typical)
Frequency Accuracy ppm +/- 20
Computer Interface   USB-2, Mini B, Windows driver Supplied, Ethernet RJ45, TCP/IP
Power   5Vdc, 2A Max (1A typical)
Unit Dimension inches 1.2 x 4.3 x 3.2 with rubber bumpers