DWDM Lite Transponder

The stand-alone DWDM Lite (TM) Transponder converts 1310nm or 1550nm 10G signals to any DWDM channel or selected CWDM channel signals for metro or long haul transmission.

DWDM or CWDM transmission systems. Tunable over 89 C-band and 90 L-band channels. It is used as a fiber link transponder that converts 1310 10G signals into DWDM and CWDM signals for use with any industry ITU standard DWDM or CWDM multiplexers. It is ideal for passive DWDM or CWDM multiplexers systems. With its large optical budget (up to 50 dB), it can extend passive DWDM/CWDM systems further than standard 10G transceivers.

Full 3R 10G signal repeater. DWDM Lite Transponder can be used to fully signal repeat all standard 10G protocol transmissions. Ideal for extending communications over long distance and/or high loss fiber. It is compatible with all manufacturer’s OC-192, 10GigE, 10G Fiber Channel transmissions.

Universal DWDM spare transceiver. One transponder, with its tunable channel feature, can spare all DWDM channel 10G transceivers. It eliminates the need to purchasing individual transceivers (XFPs/Xenpaks) for each DWDM channel and greatly reduces sparing costs.

Quick circuit turn-up. Because of the tunable channel flexibility and large optical budget, two units are used to quickly turn up new 10G DWDM channels. No more waiting 8 to 12 weeks to receive proper channel transceivers.

Depending on selected options, the DWDM Lite (TM) transponder may include dispersion compensation, solid state optical amplifiers (SOA), and forward error correction (FEC) transceivers (all contained within one package), with the ability to span over 200 km of G.652 fiber without intermediate signal regeneration or amplification.

Made in USA

  • Tunable over 45 100GHz DWDM channels or 89 50 GHz space channels (C-band). Tunable over 90 channels in L-band.
  • Available for CWDM channels 1531,1551, optional 1571,1591, 1611 nm
  • Large optical budget with dispersion limit of 1600 ps
  • 1310 nm client side interface
  • Transparent to 9.95 to 10.7 Gbps transmission rates
  • 3R signal regeneration
  • Low signal latency, 13 ns
  • Web browser Ethernet GUI local or remote access
  • Adjustable output power for easy channel equalization
  • Receiver optical power monitoring
  • Better system reliability than standard DWDM/EDFA systems since all transponders are independent
  • Critical, major, and minor alarms with dry contacts
  • Built in audible alarm, alarm acknowledgement, and alarm history through GUI interface
  • Easy setup, no special skills required
  • Dual internal -48 Vdc A&B power supplies
  • Single or dual 120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz power supply
  • Power saving, “Green” selectable on/off control for cold standby spare option
  • 1 RMU height
  • two units fit into our 1 RMU 19/23 in shelf
  • DWDM, SONET, SDH, and Ethernet Networks on C and L bands
  • 10G CWDM channels 1531, 1551, 1571, 1591, 1611 nm
  • Compatible with all vendors with OC-192, SDH-64, 10GbE, and 10G Fiber Channel protocols
  • Compatible with with OTN G.709 FEC.

Supported transmission rates:

  • SONET/SDH OC-192/STM64 9.9532 Gbps
  • 10GbE LAN PHY 10.3125 Gbps
  • 10G Fiber Channel 10.518 Gbps
  • OC-192/STM-64 FEC GFEC 10.664 Gbps
  • ITU G.709 OTU-2 10.7092 Gbps
  • G.709 10GbE OTU-1e 11.049 Gbps
  • G.709 10GbE OTU-2e 11.0957
  • 10G Fiber Channel 11.318 Gbps
  • This product also includes a 3 Year Options.


  • Internal SOA amplifiers increase transmission length
  • Forward error correction GFEC/EFEC (FEC)
  • Tunable over 50 GHz channel spacing C-band (89 channels) or L-band (90 channels)
  • CWDM channels 1571, 1591, 1611nm


Line A(Network Side)
Channels C-band unit 45 channel at 100 GHz or 89 channels at 50 GHz (90 ch for L-band)
Channel spacing 200, 100, and 50 GHz
Wavelengths range C-band unit 1528.77 nm (ITU 61.0) to 1563.86 nm (ITU 17)
Wavelengths range L-band unit 1567.42 to 1605.74 nm
Tx power 4 to 5 dBm, GUI adjustable +/- 2 dB
Rx sensitivity -24 dBm
OSNR @ BER 1E-12, @10.7Gbpst 23 dB
Rx overload -5 dBm
Rx minimum permanent damage power -1 dBm
CD penalty 2 dB
CD limit 1600 ps
PMD penalty 1 dB
PMD limit for 99.9999% availability 8 ps (10 ps with FEC)
Optical budget 30 dB
Unrepeated span length, includes CD comp. 115 km @ 0.23 dB/km
Internal SOA1 & SOA2 optical amplifiers and FEC (Optional)
Booster SOA1 maximum output +11 dBm
Booster SOA1 input 0 dBm
Pre Amp SOA2 gain 20 dB
Pre Amp SOA2 input range -35 to -20 dBm
Noise figure SOA1 7.5 dB
Noise figure SOA2 7.0 dB
Maximum Tx with SOA booster +11 dBm
Rx Sensitivity1 with OSNR 21 dB -15 dBm
Optical budget1 with SOAs 40 dB
Unrepeated single span with SOAs and CD with CD compensation 177 km @ 0.23 dB/km
Optical budget1 with FEC & SOAs 50 dB
Unrepeated single span with FEC & SOAs with CD compensation 200 km @ 0.23 dB/km
Line B (1310 client side, multimode fiber also available)
Wavelength 1310 nm
Minimum Tx power -6 dBm
Rx Sensitivity -11 dBm
Optical budget 5 dB
Maximum span length 10 km
Optical Interface LC-UPC
Signal latency 13 ns
Operational temperature 5 to 40 C (40 to 100 F)
DC voltage A & B feeds 40 to 56 Vdc
Total DC current A and B feeds 1.2 A @ 40 Vdc
AC power (optional) 90 to 250 Vac, 47 to 63 Hz
AC current 0.7 A @ 90 Vac