DWDM Lite (TM) Light Source

This portable channel tunable DWDM laser test source is used to measure individual DWDM channels for optical loss, typically in passive DWDM systems. The unit is channel tunable using your laptop over 50GHz and 100GHz ITU DWDM channels. When paired with the DWDM Lite (TM) Power Meter, field technicians are able to measure DWDM channel optical loss. The DWDM Light Source requires a laptop with Windows 7 OS or higher and a USB port for operation. The unit uses (included) a channel tunable 1G/10G SFP+, which can also be used also as a cold spare DWDM SFP+ for your network.

DWDM Light Source
  • DWDM Wavelength Range λ 1528.38 - 1565.50 nm
  • Channel Spacing 50 GHz
  • Wavelength Accuracy EOL -25 to +25 pm
  • Average Output Power -1 to +3 dBm
  • Connector LC-UPC